• Ascendant Global Advisors is a global consulting firm based in the United States and Beijing, with significant cross-border experience, Ascendant’s principals are focused on helping companies from China and around the world achieve their goals.
  • The principals of Ascendant Global Advisors have significant transactional history with Chinese issuers and have worked with in excess of 20 US listed Chinese companies over the past 15 years.
  • We believe that a U.S. Initial Public Offering (IPO) is advantageous for China based companies as compared to other alternative exchanges, whether China based exchanges or the HKEX, ASX or SGX, which they may be contemplating. These reasons include speed, cost and post IPO valuation and liquidity.
  • The US Capital Markets offer the best access to capital, because the U.S. Capital Markets are the largest in the world, with the most investors, and they actively finance growing companies from outside of the United States with greater regularity then other markets.
  • Listing on the US Capital Markets creates demonstrable brand/reputation enhancement, enabling companies to leverage their listing status on the most important stock markets in the world.
  • Listing on the US Capital Markets creates more business opportunities in North America and Europe, and puts companies on the fast-track to achieve international ambitions.
  • Listing on the US Capital Markets allows companies to hire and retain global talent by granting equity in the company.
  • U.S. VISA/Greencards: There is the opportunity for certain key members of the management team (and their families) to obtain special lifestyle & travel status into the United States.